Employment Law


Preventing Litigation and Preserving Your Rights.


California employment law is a minefield, both for employers and employees.  This complexity is in addition to, and an overlay on, expansive federal fair employment laws, including a myriad of “special” requirements imposed by new executive orders on businesses that contract with the federal government or with entities operating on a federal contract.  It is very difficult for a California business to remain in compliance without expert outside guidance and the greatest potentially business-ending risk is an employment suit with years of retroactive exposure.  In California, much of this exposure is also personal to the business manager and owner.


Owners and managers cannot afford to be dragged into lengthy or ruinous lawsuits, but at the same time, employees are entitled to proper and non-discriminatory treatment under the law.


Mark Sullivan helps businesses avoid legal conflicts between employers and employees before claims and litigation have a chance to develop. Sometimes, however, investigations and lawsuits are unavoidable.  There are a myriad of reasons that an employer may be in violation of California or Federal labor and employment laws.  Mark's experience, winning portfolio of credentials, and past successes in employment law matters, make us an ideal choice to discuss your situation with you.  Give us a call and get a jump start on your employment law matter.

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